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Foggy Brain?
Would you like a clearer mind?
Sharpen your thinking?

Do you sometimes feel your brain is foggy-your thinking not as clear as you would like?
Friends and family have used these exact words to describe their 'state of mind' even though they live healthy and active lives. So you're not the only one wishing your brain could be clearer and sharper!

Your brain may be 'crying out for help', the help provided by NeuroSpark. The active ingredient in NeuroSpark is docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. This is a major component of our brain and has a vital role in 'sparking' efficient message transfer between brain cells, the basis of our thinking and memory.

Think sharper, clear the fog
Not only are scientists around the world discovering the importance of DHA for the brain, but you also can notice the benefits. After taking NeuroSpark capsules for just a few weeks friends have rung to tell me it really makes a difference, or to quote one friend 'the fog has gone'. My husband declared his mind is sharper, and he is thinking faster and more clearly in his meetings at work.

Of course scientific evidence is important and there are hundreds of supporting scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Click for a guide.

Teenagers too
Friends have rung to say they are sure NeuroSpark has helped their teenagers. They have noticed an improvement in their children's attitude to schoolwork and better school grades coincided with taking NeuroSpark. And the teenagers themselves said their concentration improved and they generally felt better about themselves.

Order NeuroSpark® now and give your brain these benefits.

  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved concentration
  • Help prevent memory loss

Help prevent memory loss
Counteract decline in DHA due to normal aging. And help prevent MEMORY LOSS. DHA is constantly needed by the brain to maintain and repair the brain cells but, unfortunately, our body provides less DHA as we grow older. As one scientist working in this field said to me, 'brains need DHA just like bones need calcium'. So, ask yourself: is your brain getting enough?

Your Diet, Your Health and Why NeuroSpark
Our diets are the best source of DHA yet incredibly are lacking enough of this important nutrient. Scientists and nutritionists are concerned.

Why, when I eat healthy food? I asked the same question and discovered we eat only half the level of DHA in our diet compared to 60 years ago…and less than at any other period in man's evolution. - Why? - Because we eat less animal meat, eggs, offal and oily fish and also farming practices have reduced the level of DHA in these sources. So NeuroSpark can replace what your diet no longer provides.

Fish is brain food-and is our main source of DHA. Nutritionists recommend 2 serves of oily fish a week, however few of us eat this much fish.
Vegetarian foods - vegetables, fruit, cereals, soy, unfortunately do not provide any DHA.

The NeuroSpark solution
NeuroSpark offers you an easy and convenient way to boost your diet - with a concentrated source of natural DHA from tuna. A bottle of NeuroSpark contains 90 capsules, approximately 6 weeks dosage - just two(2) of these small easy-to-swallow 500mg capsules a day.

Wishing you the best of thinking

Sally Wilkinson BSc

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