My interest in promoting products for health and nutrition has lead me to establish Bionutrients Pty Ltd. Because there are so many confusing messages about our dietary needs I believe the information we provide on our products is as important as the products themselves. To ensure you will receive up-to-date and relevant information we have chosen to sell our products directly to you. We can then supply information and product together.

The first product we are offering is NeuroSpark® containing docosahexaenoic acid, DHA. DHA as a nutrient is gaining the increasing interest of scientists and researchers around the world and I believe its benefits should be promoted more widely.
The Japanese have known fish benefits to the brain for generations. Raw fish is a Japanese staple food. However some Japanese take this one step further and, according to my Japanese friends, give their children a whole tuna eye to eat before exams! Bizarre I thought until I discovered the eye has the highest concentration of DHA. If the Japanese need more DHA and they are already the biggest consumers of fish then - what about the average western diet?

Sadly western diets have reduced rather than increased their DHA content. We are consuming about half( ½ ) the level of 60 years ago. In changing our diets to include less 'bad' fats we have inadvertently thrown out 'good fats' like DHA. Also current farming practices have resulted in lower DHA content. Faster production means less time for DHA to actually accumulate in the meat and fish products we eat.
DHA has been described by scientists as 'the lost nutrient'.

NeuroSpark® offers an easy way to include more DHA in your diet.

Bionutrients Pty Ltd products are manufactured to meet pharmaceutical standards. We have carefully chosen to source NeuroSpark® from tuna fished in the unpolluted waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean. Our product is enviromentally friendly as this oil is extracted before the tuna canning process and no fish is harvested just for the oil.

Bionutrients Pty Ltd will not disclose any personal information to a third party, however we will keep a data-base of customers so we can send new information and offers. To share some of the rapid and exciting developments in brain research around the world we will regularly produce 'NeuroSpark News'. This will be available to all customers.

Wishing you the best of thinking.

Sally Wilkinson BSc

NeuroSpark® is only available by direct order from BIONUTRIENTS Pty Ltd. Order here!

®NeuroSpark is a registered Trade Mark of Bionutrients Pty Ltd ACN 29096084105

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